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On the Mend

Advanced Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine has a vested interest in your recovery. We understand that a variety of factors influence recovery, including the presence of an associated injury or disease, pre-surgery physical and mental condition, and commitment to physical therapy.

Recovery times and protocols for orthopedic procedures vary from surgery to surgery and from person to person. For example, a meniscus cartilage surgery may take an average of 3 to 4 weeks whereas recovery time for an ACL reconstruction is typically 5-6 months. There have also been studies that show women may recover 25% slower than men. Visit  Women & Sports to learn more.

We work together with our Physical Therapy partners in the assessment of recovery which is based on restoration of the muscle strength, range of motion and joint position sense. The degree of pain associated with orthopedic procedures also varies and can be addressed successfully with medication and proper nutrition.

Prepare Your Mind

  • Choose the right surgeon, who listens, provides options and is prepared to work with you through recovery and rehabilitation
  • Learn everything you can about the surgery that is to be performed
  • Understand what to expect before, during and after surgery
  • Talk to people who have experienced the same surgery
  • Engage your support network before surgery
  • Recognize the Underlying Psychology going into being injured

Prepare Your Body

  • Stay hydrated before and after surgery
  • Participate in pre-operative Physical Therapy, if appropriate
  • If being operated on a lower extremity, strengthen your upper body to prepare for crutches

In essence, following pre-op and post-op instructions can help to speed a patient's recovery time and ensure the safe resumption of normal exercise and activity.