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Recovery: Sports Psychology

Keeping Your Head in the Game

Today, people are more active than ever. It is these activities that shape the very essence of who we are and give us our sense of identity whether it is skier, golfer, player, and teammate.

Sports and activities help us feel good about ourselves, they provide a way to re-energize and deal with the day-to-day stresses of busy lives.

When a debilitating Injury occurs, these roles no longer exist. The impact on the patient is the potential loss of self-esteem and their outlet for coping. The postoperative period is a time for this emotional healing. Patients who face a long recovery and rehabilitation may feel depressed or anxious about their situation.

At Advanced Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine we believe that providing a patient with realistic goals and expectations for recovery both before and after the surgery can help them avoid feelings of failure or let down when things do not progress as quickly as they had hoped.

Realistic recovery expectations can also prevent a patient from doing too much too early and potentially hindering the healing process.

Family members, coaches and friends all play an important role in the recovery process for both the body and the mind.