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Student Athletes

Getting Back on the Field

US Ski Team Physician
Dr. F. Lincoln Avery has worked with the U.S. Olympic Ski Team

As a parent or coach, one of your top priorities is always children's health and safety. This can be especially true when one of your young athletes becomes injured. You want them to be treated by the best doctor out there, and to get them back in the game without losing their enthusiasm for the sport.

At Advanced Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, we take the responsibility of treating young athletes extremely seriously, connecting our experience with individualized care and the latest techniques. In fact, Dr Avery has not only worked directly with individual student athletes, but as Team Physician for both college and Olympic teams.

"(As a parent and physician,) We sought out Dr. Avery for my daughter's surgery - he's well-known in the areas' medical circles as one of the best."
- Dr. John Darby
  • Medical Services: Diagnosing and treating sports injuries is one of our specialties, but by no means all that we do. Educating young athletes about their injuries, as well as offering conditioning and post-injury therapy programs are also important ways we help student athletes.
  • Pre-Participation Physicals: We help make sure that your student athlete is ready to participate, and if not, draft a conditioning plan to get them on the team.
  • Common Youth Injuries: Most Student injuries revolve around sports or overuse injuries, whether ligament tears, strained shoulders or injured knees. The diagnosis and treatment of injuries to the growing, immature skeleton requires experience and expertise in order to not only allow prompt return to sports, but also in preventing long term developmental problems. Visit Youth Injuries for more information on specific injuries:
    • Sports Injuries
    • Overuse Injuries
    Contact Us now for a pre-participation physical
  • Training Programs: Training and conditioning can mean the difference between enjoying a sport and getting injured. By acclimating the body to the rigors of a particular sport, athletes can greatly lessen their chances of being injured, so AOSM offers personalized training programs to fit each athlete.
  • Treatment: We use the most technologically up-to-date and low-impact surgical treatments available to ensure that your Student Athlete can continue to enjoy their sport.
  • Advice for Parents: Whether answering questions or helping you become involved with a training or recovery regimen; we understand the importance of having parents help students tackle an injury. It can be a daunting task, but it's a process that AOSM has helped many parents through.
  • Schools & Sports Clubs: Before the start of each sports season, it's important to discuss some of the common injuries that can occur and ways to avoid them. That's why we frequently speak with sports and school groups, to help head-off injuries before they occur. 
  • Coaches & Trainers: AOSM has worked directly with many coaches and personal trainers to address both team-wide and athlete-specific injuries.