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Training & Conditioning: ACL Injury Prevention Program

Anterior Cruciate Ligament: The Great Stabilizer

Balance, rotation, stability, agility - all marks of a strong anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). Yet tears of the ACL are on the rise, especially in women. As part of the knee joint, injuries to the ACL can be one of the most frequent and frustrating injuries to an athlete. According to the UNC Injury Prevention Center, ACL injuries occur at an annual rate of 1 per 3000 people. Typically over 100,000 tears are seen in the US annually.

Athletes, especially women, are four times more prone to this injury due to the nature of the stress put on the knee from various activities including jumps and twisting during running, falling while skiing and kicking.

Advanced Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine has an ACL Injury Prevention Program that was developed in collaboration with the U.S. Alpine Ski Team, Vermont Ski Safety Association and MEMIC to increase awareness of activities and behaviors that contribute to ACL injuries and conditioning that involves movement analysis, core strengthening and body / joint awareness.