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Training & Conditioning

Practice Builds Body Confidence

Go, set, ready: the norm for most active people. Just jump in to your sport or activity. Though, simply participating in a sport or activity does not get you for that activity. To consistently improve, gain efficiency and most importantly, avoid injury, conditioning programs are a must.

Advanced Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine incorporates the latest research in orthopedic clinical knowledge into its approach to improving performance; focusing on sports medicine, performance assessment and training, injury prevention and rehabilitation. Our focus includes providing the following services and resources:

The cornerstone of any of our programs is the understanding of the performance pyramid in that Peak Performance can only be attained by advancing up through the levels of preparation:

The Performance Pyramid


  • Psychological: Handling stress and reacting to the unexpected
  • Tactical: Knowing and executing proper technique
  • Technical: Knowing and using proper equipment
  • Physical: Building endurance, power and strength

Physical conditioning is the foundation for peak performance. Neglecting this first level of the pyramid may cause overall performance to suffer.

Talk to the team at Advanced Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine to learn more about their training and conditioning programs. Check out the events schedule for the latest clinics and workshops.