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Women & Sports

Game On, Girl

Learn More about The Uneven Playing Field and the increase in ACL injuries in girls

Women and girls perform in sports and activities very differently from men and boys. As the physician to the Women's U.S. Ski Team for over 20 years, Dr. F. Lincoln Avery understands that physiological reality all too well and is able to provide specialized care for female athletes and active women.

Although sports medicine often involves the care of muscles and joints injured during activity, there are also medical issues that must be taken into consideration that can affect one’s ability to exercise safely and effectively. These include overtraining, the Female Athlete Triad, exercise-induced asthma, diabetes, recurrent stress fractures, exercise during pregnancy, post-partum and through menopause.

"All the surgical options, grafts and recovery scenarios were explained to me. Together, we decided on the option that fit my family lifestyle."
- 38 yr. old female, active mother of two

Understanding The Body Difference is important when women engage in an exercise program or set a goal to compete. Women face many common conditions that impact overall performance.

Contact Us now for a consultation to learn more about common conditions in female athletes and training programs to prevent injuries.

With Advanced Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, care and experience connect to provide women a sound resource throughout their active health life.

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